Project Innovation is the result of a collective design process.

As we considered how to highlight the extensive team of contributors, we wanted to avoid slipping into the bureaucratic frequency and inadvertently undermine this collaborative effort. (See Innovation Mindset for more on this). It is typical, and sometimes desirable, to name project leads and key developers as representatives of work produced. This can serve many purposes, one of which is to build the resumes of those identified. However, as a social creation, we must acknowledge that numerous people contributed ideas, stories and perspectives to this resource. Many times, these were personal stories of success or struggle in local communities or organizations. Others participated in focus groups to confirm hunches or provide critical feedback to reshape the presentation of social innovation. These individuals and organizations are listed below as the first step to building a network around this resource.

The work of many experts in the field of social innovation inspired the ideas in this toolkit. Important sources include Frances Westley, Brenda Zimmerman and Michael Patton’s 2006 book, Getting to Maybe: How the World is Changed; various publications on design thinking by Tim Brown and the practical Human Centered Design Toolkit created by IDEO; and Stephen Johnson’s 2010 book, Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation. The term frequency is inspired by the work of cultural studies scholar, Dr. Julian Henriques from University of London, Goldsmiths. A complete reference list will be available in a forthcoming report.

Project Innovation will continue this collective design process to include new users who are drawn to these tools and have stories to share. Stay tuned for more information about connecting to our network.


Four partner institutions contributed expertise, talent, guidance and support to Project Innovation:


Jacqueline Simmons, Teachers College, Columbia University

Nancy Lesko, Teachers College, Columbia University

Tran Templeton, Teachers College, Columbia University

Patricia Gibson, Teachers College, Columbia University

Daniel Fries, Leroy + Clarkson

Jon Smith, Leroy + Clarkson



Rosanne Raposo, Leroy + Clarkson

Lauren Kahn, The Young Foundation

So Jung Rim, The Young Foundation

Will Norman, The Young Foundation

Amira Ibrahim, The Rockefeller Foundation

Kippy Joseph, The Rockefeller Foundation


The following contributors offered inspiration, interest, time, and invaluable feedback on the creation of this toolkit:


Ethan Ohs, Common Purpose

Colin Falconer, Foyer Federation

Jane Martin, Participatory Media & Development

Ginny Lunn, Prince's Trust

Lizzie Guinness, Prince's Trust

Ginny Lee, The Young Foundation

Max Steckelmacher, The Young Foundation

Simon Tucker, The Young Foundation

Veyom Bahl, The Young Foundation

Jack Graham, Year Here


A24 Media/Camera Pix

Ben Haggai Onyango, Carolina for Kibera

Hillary Omala, Carolina for Kibera

Medina Abubakar, Carolina for Kibera

Nicholas Juma Okelo, Carolina for Kibera

Patrick M. Gachuhi, Carolina for Kibera

Hendrina Chalwe Doroba, FAWE

Irmin Durand, FAWE

Oley Dibba-Wadda, FAWE

Angela Crandall, iHub

Leonida Mutuku, iHub

Edith Ofwona Adera, International Development Research Center

Nat Robinson, Juhudi Kilimo

Ann Kiama, Kencall

Erik Nesbitt, Kencall

Joshua Wanyama, Pamojo Media

Tom Kikwai, Pamojo Media

C.D. Glin, Rockefeller Foundation

Jessica Posner Odede, Shining Hope for Communities

Kennedy Odede, Shining Hope for Communities

Xiaoxi Tu, Shining Hope for Communities

Arthur Ng'ang'a, Technoserve

Moses Kimani, Technoserve

Phyllis Wagio Warui, Technoserve

Juliana Rotich, Ushahidi


Danielle Sered, Common Justice

Corinne LeTourneau, Community Solutions

Cynthia Pringle, Creative Time

Thomas Yu, Downtown Manhattan CDC

Richard Evans, EmcArts

Karina Mangu-Ward, EmcArts

Amy Sananman, Groundswell Community Mural Project

Anne Frederick, Hester Street Collaborative

Tania Bruguera, Immigrant Movement International

Benson Hausman, Leroy + Clarkson

Corey Weisz, Leroy + Clarkson

Garrett Braren, Leroy + Clarkson

Rich Lombardi, Leroy + Clarkson

Sergio Flores, Leroy + Clarkson

Sergiu Baluta, Leroy + Clarkson

Deborah Axt, Make the Road New York

Laurie Cumbo, Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts

Jenny Tsang-Quinn, New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare

Andrea Coleman, New York City Department of Education

Lara Penin, Parsons The New School for Design

Adam Friedman, Pratt Center for Community Development

Prerana Reddy, Queens Museum of Art

Tom Finkelpearl, Queens Museum of Art

Alison Russo, The Rockefeller Foundation


Additional Kibera footage provided by Lee Rothenflue, Cut to Black

Space image by Jurvetson

Critique image © Kris Livingston, all rights reserved, livingstudios.com

Additional Maslaha images courtesy of Mile End Community Project