Film about Maslaha released

Jackie Simmons

Project Director for Project Innovation and  a faculty member at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Project Innovation is pleased to release this short film about Maslaha, the winner of our Innovation Mindset Challenge!

Over three days last summer, we interviewed Maslaha founder, Raheel Mohammed and project managers Sarah Hobbes and Latifa Akay about the beliefs and strategies that drive their work. They talked about challenging assumptions, redefining expertise, being vulnerable, wading in the waters of unknowability, and using the arts to inspire and inform. Their use of an innovation mindset shines through in this short film about their approach. We promise that you will be inspired.

Maslaha is a unique UK based organization that “creates new ways of tackling long-standing issues affecting Muslim communities. Maslaha combines imagination and craftsmanship to improve services, change attitudes and challenge systems of inequality.” Maslaha’s programs and services highlight the diverse assets within Muslim communities that often get ignored amidst generalized perceptions perpetuated by the media. The small team shepherds a diverse range of projects developed in partnership with the individuals and organizations they serve. These projects create opportunities to name problems and co-design solutions related to health, education, the criminal justice system, and gender equality.

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