Click for information about The Innovation Mindset Challenge.

To enter the Innovation Mindset Challenge, tell a story about the people, places or projects that help you understand and rethink the problems and solutions in your organization and community. Your story may tell about a success or a challenge as long as it demonstrates how you used an innovative mindset as described in the Project Innovation toolkit.

Your story should include the following parts:

a description of your organization’s work and overall goals
details about the community your organization serves
background information about what led you to think deeply about the way things worked and how to rework them
a summary of what happened when you used an innovation mindset within the organization or community served

Find out more about the prizes and submit your story at The Innovation Mindset Challenge.


What is an innovation mindset?

The reality of day-to-day organizational work is that we tend to rely on typical strategies to achieve outcomes. An innovation mindset challenges key ideas about the traditional ways of working in social sector organizations, the importance of asking challenging questions and gathering data to better understand the complexity of social sector work, and the need to view all the components of social sector work - such as relationships, working spaces, and language - as important outcomes.


Deep Thinking


Understanding Frequency


Redefining Impact

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